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To ensure your health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic,

only telepsychiatry services are offered at this time.

Individual Services Offered


Initial telephone consultation (15 min., free)

During this call, we will discuss your current issues, brief medical and psychiatric history, and review my services. If we both agree that Tala Integrative Psychiatry fits your needs, we will schedule an initial diagnostic assessment. Otherwise, I will do my best to provide you with suitable referrals.

Initial Diagnostic Assessment (90 min., $600)

During this appointment, we will discuss your current symptoms and functioning, as well a comprehensive history including your psychiatric, medical, personal, family, and professional experiences. We will review your lifestyle, diet, and spiritual practices, if any. At the end of the evaluation, I will offer my diagnostic impressions, and we will discuss your goals for treatment. Together, we will develop a treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include any of the following, alone or in combination:

Herbs and other botanicals
Meditation & breathing techniques
Lifestyle modification
Dietary suggestions
Referrals to other specialists, e.g. acupuncturist

If you have had treatment in the past, please have a copy of your records or give consent to speak with prior clinicians. If laboratory or other studies are indicated for comprehensive assessment and treatment, I will order the studies or work with your primary care provider to ensure these are completed.

Follow-up Appointment (25 or 50 min., $235 or $345)

During this appointment, we will review your current symptoms and functioning. We will assess the effectiveness of your treatment plan, and make modifications as needed. While some patients may need to be seen more often, follow-up appointments typically occur monthly in the early stages of treatment, and less often as you stabilize. If you are seeing another provider for therapy, I will coordinate your treatment with your therapist. Appointments that do not involve psychotherapy are typically 25 minutes, though occasionally more time is needed to fully discuss current issues and treatment.

Psychotherapy appointments are 50 minutes long and typically occur weekly. Once you are stable, we can decrease the frequency of appointments over time. Other aspects of treatment (medication, herbs, yoga, etc.) will be discussed during psychotherapy appointments as indicated.

Package rates are available for individual services.

Group Services Offered

Coming soon:

Yoga for depression (60 min.)
Yoga for anxiety (60 min.)
Restorative yoga for stress management (60 min.)
Meditation (60 min.)

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